Montessori Work of the Child and Adult

"What is the work the adult has to do? It's different than the work the child is naturally doing, busy constructing his new world of peace out of instinctive lessons in his subconscious and the environment the adults offer him. Adult work is not mimicking the saintly deeds of the remarkable persons in society who already know how to live the good life, and it's not taking how-to lessons from the great ones in history or doing Zen or Yoga or finding an avatar or guru. No."

"The work of the adult is to resurrect his life as a personal gift of happiness for himself and others. Then he'll know how to prepare the environment appropriate for the child because he, as the adult enjoying the spirit of joy, is the environment."

"For Maria Montessori, universal peace did not mean truces between nations or agreements of power sharing and promises to stay within national borders. Maria worked for a permanent way of life that defends humanity—a brand of morality that offers protection to life common to everyone."

"Maria Montessori's method is an approach to the child where the adult prepares surroundings in which each child can fully develop his individual potential. By observing the needs of each child, the adult can be aware of and remove obstacles from the path of development and provide appropriate materials for the child's work."

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