Montessori Training for Teachers

"In 1898, Maria Montessori addressed the teachers at the Pedagogical Conference in Turin, Italy, a talk that led to a series of lectures, encouraging the beginning of a Montessori training course for teachers in Rome."

"In 1913, Maria Montessori started the first Montessori training program to help adults understand the developmental process of children. Mothers and teachers from other countries came. This program was followed by a course in Washington DC that was arranged by Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell for her grandchildren."

"I attended the Texas Montessori Training Institute in Houston for the first year's studies of the Assistants to Infancy Montessori Training Course, a program to prepare adults for the task of helping children develop the fullness of their individual human potential."

"The Assistants to Infancy Montessori training program began in Rome in 1947 and was brought to the United States in 1982 by Dr. Silvana Montanaro, a psychiatrist who lectured on the courses in Rome and also in Houston the summer I attended."

"Maria Montessori emphasized the necessity of training teachers in observation and respect for a child's choices. Most women who are Montessori teachers are mothers, yet mothering, Maria says, is not a way for a teacher to be with a child."

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