Montessori Teacher Training

"Maria emphasized the necessity of training teachers in observation and respect for a child's choices. Most women who are Montessori teachers are mothers, yet mothering, Maria says, is not a way for a teacher to be with a child. It's best a teacher be like an older sibling, indifferent to the child's secret life, yet present and caring of the child's choices. She must not interfere with the child's way to work at constructing his life and personality. Would one tear the petals from a rose that has not yet blossomed? A child's soul is a mystery to be revered, not to be imprisoned by another's power."

"One has to visit an established Montessori classroom to appreciate the joy of normal children working and growing in knowledge where a teacher's primary concern is for each child to reclaim his mental stability and natural characteristics. The child does this through his own work in a prepared classroom environment. Perceptive parents can facilitate normalization at home if they observe and collaborate with their child's natural tendencies."

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