Montessori Schools Around the World

"Numerous books have been written and dedicated to Maria Montessori's teachings and life's work. Her method and materials are used in thousands of public, private, and Montessori schools around the world. Since the first congress in Helsinki in 1929, twenty-six International Montessori Congresses have been held to promote peace for the advancement of civilization and freedom for the individual and mankind. A twenty-seventh Montessori congress will be held in Portland, Oregon, July 31, 2013."

"Montessori: Living the Good Life is a guide and aid to understanding Montessori philosophy. Montessori schools for children, teachers, and parents, now available all over the world, make an extraordinary difference toward opportunities for happier and more intelligent children and a more peaceful world. The didactic materials she created for sensorial learning almost a century ago are still used in her present-day Montessori schools and can be found in many public schools."

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