"Montessori - Living the Good Life" Reviews

Hillary Smith, Graduate in Psychology and Creative Writing. . . "What stands out to me most about this manuscript is its presentation of your mastery of the researched material. Your voice, throughout the piece, is consistently informative, yet maintains an almost conversational tone, which is absolutely refreshing. . . It is evident in your writing that Maria's Montessori Method has profoundly influenced your worldview and your understanding of children and their place in this world. By communicating your enthusiasm for this worldview, you have the ability to engage the reader and increase their enthusiasm. . . One of my favorite elements in your manuscript is the presence of weaving allegory. The story of Nuala, which appears twice, is very beautifully written and also serves as a break in the voice (a good one). What I mean by this is that it provides a more poetic, more imagery-heavy illustration of content. . . You once confided in me that poetry is not your strong suit, but I beg to differ. You are a strong writer; poetry is just a way to flex that muscle, and you've already proven that you are fully capable. . .You have a lovely manuscript; it is clearly inspired. Thank you for allowing me to read your work."

 Sister Mary Clare. . ."I love your book. I'm recommending it to everyone. I'm still reading it. I love your style--your story flows. What a gift. Can't wait to finish. My sister and her clan are waiting to read it, too!"


Sixteen-year-old granddaughter, TeraJane Ripley. . .From what I've read so far, it's interesting. Not action-packed, of course, but I'm enjoying it.

Jay Hoebermann, Beginning Experience team member. . . Yesterday I downloaded your book onto my Christmas gift (iPad) and find myself enjoying the read. . . Like breathing, each word opens a new now, a chance to view my warrior world with the Light of Christ.  . . . This book gives us the opportunity to review our own beginnings and our demons that hold us fast. . . Thank you for writing what we all should know but lose in our shadows. 



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