Montessori Research for Peace

"For peace to come about, Maria Montessori tells us, we need a science to research the unknown elements of the problem, the causes of war. We need to look beyond the self-evident facts of social justice, the worker of economic production, or in the end-of-war promises that cause more wars. Like the scourge of the plagues, we want to find the enemy, the cause in ourselves. We have to understand our insensitive instincts of self-preservation."

"Scientific research discovered the direct cause of the plagues. The rat, a perceived enemy, was indirectly instrumental in helping mankind on a new quest - the science of health -giving us good reason to love life. We now enjoy practical choices to live simply in appreciation of modern day existence. Ancient saints would have considered our healthy diets as penances with illusions of heaping up treasures in heaven - a total reversal of values for today."

"Maria Montessori's research, observations, and studies of the embryo, developed over sixty years ago, revealed that the main difference between the final embryonic forms of reptiles, mammals, or birds is the reaction of the embryo to its environ-ment. Influences or changes in the embryo's activities can alter its life-form."

"Today, modern medicine, with stem cell therapy, is capable of changing embryos to correct diseased DNA patterns. Researchers have devised ways to alter human embryos developed from eggs fertilized in-vitro, in a laboratory dish."

"Time and research has taught us that our hemispheres work separately and together, giving special richness to our life. In some situations, we use mostly the right processes while at other times, more of the left. Education for children should allow for both hemispheres to develop so they'll be integrated and capable of collaboration."

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