Maria Montessori Way of Learning

"Using what he finds in his surroundings, the child creates his mental muscles which Maria Montessori calls the absorbent mind."

"The child learns without knowing he's learning by absorbing the world around him and gradually developing consciousness of his environment. These first few months are especially important, Maria says, to begin being aware, paying attention to the newborn with all one's senses: watching, listening, smelling, and feeling. If the adult is not rushed and takes time to be present, crying will not be necessary. The child will learn to communicate his needs. Destructive behavior will not come to his mind or to his body."

"The third major principle of the Montessori's method of education is the requirement of an observant instructor, or parent if at home, who is sensitive to the stage of a child's development. For the child to discover freedom as an independent individual, he will benefit most, not only from a prepared environment, but also with an instructor who coordinates the activities and materials so that the child has successful learning experiences. Even for the littlest ones, an observant mother can make available practical and safe objects from materials around the house when the child shows an interest."

"Intelligence gives us a choice. If the sacred reality Maria revealed in the child, a secret of spiritual joy in living and learning, can be realized, then adult life values will be restored, giving mankind an opportunity to evolve to a greater awareness and appreciation of human existence."

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