Montessori Schools at Home

"Movement without thought or thought without movement is fatiguing, Maria Montessori teaches. For younger children, the practical life exercises in the home and school provide excellent movement with thoughtful activity. The child has a purpose for their movement, demanding a real effort of all his senses: seeing, touching, smelling, and hearing, taking care to not spill, break, misuse, or whatever the task requires."

"A second language is acquired easily if spoken in the home or natural setting and more easily if centered on a specific activity or on a person who speaks it authentically or naturally."

"Maria Montessori advises that education begin with the child in the home and in the schools, using the basic principles of observation, freedom, and an appropriate environment."

"Maria Montessori says the child is born, is conceived, with a supernatural love in mind: a kind of love most of us hope and pray for; a supernatural love the Bible speaks of in parables; a love that we try to teach our children at home and in our schools."

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