Montessori Curriculum Begins at Home

"Maria encourages her teachers and parents to assist the child in fostering his human tendencies with environments and materials being created to allow the child to explore, to orientate himself, to order, to communicate, to work, to correct his own error, to repeat and work toward exactness, to quantify, and to abstract and work toward self-perfection. Maria calls this work the Montessori Method."

"A third book of Maria's that captivated me was her original handbook that was published in 1914, following her Montessori Method edition, which was published in 1912. The handbook is a shorter version of her method and simpler for mothers to use at home."

"A hint of future fulfillment came when I began my Montessori studies of the child through correspondence with their school in Britain, and, later, with a year of studies and apprenticeship with Mrs. Madeleine Justus at Federal Way Montessori School in Washington State."

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Thoughts About Montessori Theory