Montessori Teacher Certification

"I was first certified in Montessori studies of the child through correspondence with their school in Britain, and, later, certified with a year of studies and apprenticeship with Mrs. Madeleine Justus at Federal Way Montessori School in Washington State."

"Discipline was a problem for me as a teacher in a regular school. Knowing Maria Montessori's ways with children was not helpful in controlling a classroom of rowdy pupils with one or more children needing special attention. A room full of children who didn't practice self-discipline left me frustrated. Efforts to instruct them in the ways of independence didn't work. By mid-term, I knew an expectancy of self-control from the children was unreasonable. Teacher rules and controls had to prevail which wasn't much fun. I soon left to get certified for Maria Montessori's way of education."

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