Worldwide Montessori Academies and Schools

"Maria Montessori's method and materials are used in thousands of public, private, and Montessori schools and Montessori academies around the world."

"Maria encourages her teachers and parents to assist the child in fostering his human tendencies with environments and materials being created to allow the child to explore, to orientate himself, to order, to communicate, to work, to correct his own error, to repeat and work toward exactness, to quantify, and to abstract and work toward self-perfection. Maria calls this work the Montessori Method."

"Maria Montessori, believing that education begins at birth, emphasized in all her literature and lectures that early months and years are the most sensitive times for absorbing and mastering one's environment. She recommended that children remain in the home until the age of three when language can facilitate the child's independence and learning skills outside of the home."

"Ever since the time of the Egyptians four thousand years ago, the basic style of learning for our culture has been for the teacher or parent to proclaim, "Look, listen, be quiet, and learn from me." Maria Montessori's way is so different. . . the didactic materials she created for sensoral learning almost a century ago are still used in Montessori present-day schools and academies and can be found in many public schools."

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