Excerpts from Montessori the Good Life

'. . . When should education begin? The greatness of the human personality begins at birth, Maria Montessori reminds us. No longer is imparting knowledge sufficient. A new path must be found seeking the release of human potentialities that will restore our birthright. Peace is a practical principle of human civilization and social organization that is based on the very nature of man."

". . .Not in the service of any political or social creed should the teacher work, but in the service of the complete human being, able to exercise in freedom a self-disciplined will and judgment not perverted by prejudices or distorted by fears." Maria Montessori

". . . Maria Montessori was a woman of peace. Not concerned with man's temptations, she challenged the norms of the day and dedicated her life to the world's greatest asset, the child."

". . . Understanding that knowledge and communication is the answer, Maria Montessori sought the inner peace of the child and learned how to nourish this love for all mankind. Her hope was that their innocence and goodness would be respected and understood as our greatest ally, a most important partner for civilization to survive and progress."

". . . Maria Montessori advises us to focus on the child, our eternal savior, as our ultimate gift to the world. Her published words and quotes, repeated at lectures and printed on banners at International Montessori Congresses, are a promise for the future. In good times and bad, her words tighten the bond between parent, teacher, and child, leading to the necessary elements for growth."

". . . MONTESSORI: Living the Good Life, presents Maria Montessori's social philosophy and method of education in a personal, spiritual, and pragmatic approach intended to guide adults in their work of survival and finding happiness on our planet. She reminds us that peace is a civilized principle and birthright for humankind based on the very nature of man who must let go of his illusions and look for the hidden laws that rule his life. The child's life reveals the secret to happiness."

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